About Tantra

” As you say yes to the moment, the moment turns to you and there is nothing but beauty.”

Out of the love orgy of awareness there comes leaping a man, looking around, snarling hungry , fire leaping from his skin from his recent encounter with Eros. Now, where is the next risk, where are a thousand wrong ways waiting, where can I lose my mind? He follows these clues to his next adventure into the Yoni and through to eternity.

Tantra invites you through the gateway that you have been looking for your entire life, laid upon the foundation of the intricate and intimate play between Desire and Eros.

The first Lore of Tantra

Tantra can only be mastered under the guidance of an awakened woman or man who have met their awakening on the raft of Tantra. They are called dakini and guru.

Tantra is a dance and a song . You can encounter Tantra only through one who is the lover of Tantra, the Beloved of Tantra who has danced night after night in her juice, loved in her embrace and wept in the silent night.

In the arms of this Beloved, you encounter Tantra.

The second Lore

Sexual energy is sacred and embraced totally.

Sex is held in deep reverence. Tantra embraces sexual energy with relish. Awakening the sexual energy is key to awakening love.

This energy will guide you into the truth of love and the flowering of unrestricted presence.

The third Lore

The true feminine is embraced and totally allowed. In the surrender to the feminine we come to the true guiding rudder of Existence.

The feminine is called, seduced, implored .. whatever it takes to beg her return. The feminine guides us magnificently into the moment. As we have find our yes to the feminine, our allegiance returns to the source and to the dhamma or the true path of our life.

The forth Lore

The true masculine is honoured and allowed to act fully in spontaneous bliss .. Sahaj Samadhi.

In the awakening of the feminine the true masculine awakens. In pure desire he takes direction from feminine vision.

The masculine is ready and willing to act from dhamma or true nature.

Get real with your sexuality, your desire and love. Live life according to your being. Love whom you want, how you want and when you want. 

No longer be a slave to the ideas in your head. This is the final act of loving yourself flying into pure self-trust moment to moment.

“Allow the expression of beauty, again and again, let it fall upon your head, let it shower from your being. Turn towards beauty, let the pure strike leave only this understanding.”


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