Wild Spirit Dancing

The more you move your body, the more intelligences rises .. Einstein

I invite you to dance .. not just any dance .. a dance which invites Spirit to dance you.

Stop controlling the Body

To know bliss .. Let go .. to rise and fall in sacred lovemaking .. Let go
to enter the mystery

This entire universe is energy .. all of it.
And this energy was never born and shall never die.
And that is what you are.

This intelligence cannot be counted and the time is now
to enter the

Into the body through movement breath dance and then …. none of this and see what ARISES

We are on an adventure together
inside an endless pilgrimage

Let go of the small personal will and controlling self and surrender into the living primordial energy that is our very being.

This is a step into that no-direction


Not knowing is the most intimate .. Zen Master

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The Women’s Temple

In the Women’s Temple we enter the inner soul  journey. Here we drink of our own nectar and overflowing juices and rest in the love of our sisters.

Embody the sacred feminine in deep shakti practice

Enter the sacred mysteries of the feminine in a circle of conscious women

Listen to the YONI

Remember the true love that we have of our sisters and ourselves

Reclaim our feeling body

Enter the power and vulnerability of the Goddess

Sunday 2nd February


10am – 5pm

R650 per sister

Early bird price by 25th January R580

Reserve your place shima@shima.co.za / 0845911211

“Your holy being unfurls like a flower,
through the unbearable,
through the longing,
through the doubt,
through the silence,
through the fear,
through the stunning simplicity of each breath.” Chameli

“When one is pretending the entire body revolts ” Anais Nin

Inspired by the Awakening Women’s Institute and Chameli

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Recognising the Work of the Feminine

I am exploring Constantia Nek that rises above Cape Town, when I  meet two very friendly Golden Retrievers and their master. We chat and walk together as the sun sets behind the mountains and the forest becomes darker and darker , my bare feet finding the way over streams and dark soft soil.

He tells me about his son. Six year old Rigel simply does not wish to get along with other little or big humans. I feel him challenged by his socially inept child and defending him simultaneously as cute and clever and so on.

I tell him there is no need to defend his little one. I feel the beauty of his child.

I  ask questions. Rigel is conceived in a laboratory, without much presence or loving expectation of the father. The mother rejects him over the years and becomes resentful and hurt by the love between father and son and Rigel mostly spends his time with mother and grandmother.

When Rigel asks his dad why he should have to get on with humans he simple tells him so that he can survive. In this moment I immediately notice the father too has his struggles with humans and therefore it becomes difficult to teach the little one that which he still learns himself.

As the tale unfolds I feel the simplicity of the struggles at play. I explain to him that the masculine energy line is broken in the child and so his willingness to discipline absent. I speak into the ways of him bringing Rigel to deeper awareness of  the masculine by taking him camping with his best friend and another father, showing the boy in the body how it is to get on with people, how it can be enjoyable and enriching and easy.

There is nothing wrong with the little one, nothing to contract from, just a need for some real masculine interaction and learning in the body and thereby showing  him the joy to engage humans .. good learning for the father .. good learning for the son, the riddle comes to light and possibilities into new vision of living.

He tells me he has taken Rigel to many therapist for years and nobody has ever begun to suggest such things. I wonder how much money he has spent over the years and the many different specialists who do not seem to feel into this child at all.

In a moment, the tantric awareness sees so much , that others do not see no matter how much money is spent or time at the many “specialists ” .

And no, I will not get paid for this except that perhaps Rigel may have his life touched by this meeting.

And though I do not live so directly in the world anymore I still shop at Woolworths and use electricity and pay plane tickets. But so much of my work is offered in this way and so often seen as simply a friendly advice no need to pay her for her time, though so happy to spend money on that which has no intrinsic value or offers no real diagnosis or shift in the situation at hand.

It seems when people feel some real love and wisdom, they almost cannot bring themselves to pay for it. I am then seen as the mother who they never had or the sister or love itself. But I shall ask you now, if you have find yourself next to me in the forest, or having tea, or coming for a visit and you notice that I do affect you profoundly and offer wisdom into places that cannot be seen by others, please do ask for my bank details and make proper payment.

And I speak for myself but I also speak for the feminine wherever she appears, for she has been absent long and we do not recognise her work. We call her healing hands or a very good friend or a deeply spiritual woman but it is time for this work to be recognised and paid for.

I am honest and real and will not keep you coming back for more and more and more but take you directly into that which needs to be seen so that you can  live and love again.

Please pay me and please pay her. The feminine work is core to what this planet is thirsty for right now and will only return if you say yes to her in all dimensions of beings.








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Love, a journey into Freedom

For a long time I believed I was living in polyamory until I was shown the difference between polyamory and non monogamy.

They look very similar in some ways but are fundamentally  different.

Polyamory means someone who erotically loves and is


sexually intimate with many people. It means many loves.

People living in this way place their central interest in many lovers and actively seek out more lovers and much of their energy and time is devoted to these relationships and to making love.

What is interesting about poly-amorous relationships and what most people do not know  is that they usually have a far greater amount of rules , boundaries and conditions than monogamy.

The rule of monogamy is simple .. you will love only me.

Whereas polyamory is quite complex. Yes you will love me and you can love others under these conditions .. see parts 1 2 3 4 5  with sub sections a b c d e etc. A nice example of this is Kamala’s Devi’s relationship agreements

It may seem at a glance tedious and over thought and over done but when one has lived in this new paradigm for some time it can become abundantly clear why these rules can be very helpful.

But that is not what I was doing ..

And I am not sure if there is a name for it.

Non-monogamy simply means not one love which in tantra becomes a method like when you change your name you eventually find that you are no names and any name though you may have a preference for how you like people to get your attention. My preference is Shima.

As you dance inside the method of not one love you may eventually find that everyone is love and there is only one love but not the dream soul mate,  but all beings are one love.

But, what I am doing is living in the insistence of truth and the spontaneous moment to moment – no rules – no boundaries – no conditions. It is not focused on many lovers, for example, I may not tell you when I will be returning home nor what I have been doing, even if it was a simple walk in the park.

It was about coming home to my  sovereign dhamma nature of being. And yes, it blew  the head off all my ideas of love, friendship,  erotic partnership and I entered into a space of deep and profound seeing and understanding and at other times profound agony, trauma and into a nightmare of sorts that I was unable to awake from.

What do you call that?

Some may say stupidity or why would you do that to yourself?

The answer is simple and not so simple.

Why bother? Because, sometimes it takes a bit of doing to untangle yourself from the crap you were given from the moment you were born.

Why so harsh and full on, without any rules? Well, basically the idea of rules never entered my mind. I wished to break from the authority of the parent,the priest, the government the husband and having little rules simply did not feel total in my being. I was about all or nothing and once one goes down the slippery slope of rules where does this end?

I began to see that the contemporary romantic relationship, whether it be marriage or living together, is a mini version of having parents. People seldom go out to the shops without informing their partner and often give more informaton and ask for more permission than they did as teenagers from their parents.

I started to see relationship structure as a form of deep immaturity and the need for safety and boundares as the continued unconscious relationship of the child seeking out the perfect mother and father.

I wanted to know love that was beyond being told what to do or essentially who and how to be or asking permission or checking in or feeling safe. I am no longer 5 and if I am to know love for what it is I must leave behind the ideals of the child and parent and meet love as she is in the raw moment now.

I have grown now and love grows too if we have the courage to allow it and if we do not love vanishes.
I remember a scene from the brilliant Chinese movie Hero where the assassin is telling the story to the King of what brings him here. He tells different versions of he same story. In the one version he speaks of a conflict that arises between the great warrior lovers Flying Snow and Broken Sword as a consequence of a lover, Moon that Broken Sword takes.

And the King instantly dismisses this version as fabrication as it is too unimaginable that great warriors with total awareness would live in such an immature manner and move to conflict over a lover.

But our teachings of love are upside down. We are taught that if you truly love someone you own each other. You own the love that runs through each others bodies and this love must be controlled and not shared with another.

You own the rights to the love energy that flows through the being.

So I needed to find out what the fuck was going on and so I stepped into the mind field of love and found I was snared inside a nightmare. But understand, the way I chose to live in love did not create the nightmare but revealed the nightmare. A nightmare, which became very apparent that this is where most people live and suffer day by day.

This nightmare is what I have come to see as the basis of misery on our planet.

There is an energy moving through called LOVE. This energy is sovereign and follows its own divine and exquisite intelligence beyond the small understanding of the personal. And we are not allowed to follow it. We are not allowed to love what love loves.

We are not allowed to love.

This is the agony and you will only ever fully understand what I speak of when you too have taken the journey through the agony-nightmare and home to love.

And the nightmare was not that my Beloved loved others but that I could not find the doorway out of the mind dream which said over and over that this is not love and I am not loved.

That is the doorway I sought and that you will seek  and perhaps you will also discover that the act of loving someone .. god making love to god is a moment in time without intrinsic or real pain or trauma to anyone but your thoughts about it can be a nightmare that you can live in for years and many people do.

And know, in the time of Patriarchy and ownership it has been mans’ greatest quest to seek foreign lands, conquer them and kill or enslave the inhabitants of this land.

And so it has been with our Heart. Lovers conquer the heart of the other, plant their flags in our dark lands of the soul waters, claim our heart as their own and kill or enslave the Being that lives within.

Love flees and the Beloved flees and we are left impoverished and alone seeking that which was ours within from the one who vanquished and claimed our hearts as theirs.

And I notice how I gave this heart so freely , feeling this is the way to love, you may have my heart- my one true treasure – my connection to all – love – joy – self. This is what I believed love was.

And so came the seeing, as the man that I had loved in almost freedom for 5 long years left and withdrew his claim and his flag from my heart land, that my heart belongs to nobody – no man – no woman – not even me – but only to Love and the Beloved.

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.. Awakening the Feminine ..

Awakening the Feminine

A Tantric workshop for women and men

Awakening the feminine energy in both women and men , is a vital step on the spiritual journey, which leads to deeper bliss in relating and life.

The feminine awakens the inner muse, inspiration, deep sexual bliss, intuition, guidance and more.

The feminine will also awaken the masculine within to his full potency and capacity to act fully in the world.

She is vital but yet she is the most ignored energy on our planet.

As one meets the inner beloved feminine, life becomes a delight in all of it turns.


Awakening  through Tantric meditation, movement, dance and enquiry …

We gently uncoil sexual energy that awakens the feminine within.

In the embrace of the pure sexual energy that runs through your being, the feminine finds her dance into life.


You are welcome to arrive arrive Friday night or Saturday morning. If you arrive Friday night we will share some food and conversation but the workshop will only begin on Saturday morning.


When .. Saturday 20th April 10pm till Sunday 21 April after lunch

Where .. Lotus Garden Retreat Centre near Knysna

Cost .. R1200 facilitation / accommodation R150 per person per night and shared vegetarian food

RSVP .. shima@shima.co.za / 084 591 1211

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How to make love to a woman tantra style

Dakini Shima offers profound and unusual guidance on how to make love to a woman. Click on the youtube link.

How to make love to a woman tantra style

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Kali and the Art of Destruction

Kali is out. How she wishes to shear the mind clear off the shoulders. But she knows that you cannot forgive for such a lean and quick death. You  wish to cling longer and longer, until finally stupidity ends and one rests in silence.

On the bridge between stupidity and silence walks suffering. And as much as humans claim to wish to rid themselves of suffering, they run towards it and cling with all of their might. This energy, the power that opens the flower, is spent on this clinging – fighting, as one’s life returns to dust, without knowing itself.

In between humans, walks humans who begin to see that they do not see. A deep urgency, a longing that cannot be denied climbs out of this suffering and cries aloud in the dark night, an unframed anguish forming questions, which transform into questings and finally become the true adventure of life.

In this moment, when you turn towards truth without compromise, though you may not clearly see the step you have taken, it is possible Kali arrives in awareness.

She appears as death and the destroyer in dark beauty. The trouble begins as you cannot see that which she destroys, you see only Death. And you have been taught that death is ugly and the supreme enemy of life.

You will fight the Beloved Kali, but she is clear, and very strong and even more brave. And once she has chosen your corner, she will fight for you Beloved and any gap you give her she will shear clear that which binds the soul and spirit from the dance of joy.

Be brave, you have nothing to lose but your mind. Stand still, so that her aim may be straight and clear.

As you bow to the feet of the goddess you will rise the master of Self.




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Tantra in South Africa

The expansive community of Tantra in South Africa and flowering of creative expression continues to overflow.

Rocky Horror Tantra Book by Swami Rahasya, founder of the Advait Tantra School and Sexual Awakening for Women by Dakini Shakti Malan have come to life. Both give guidance to the beginner Tantrika and support for the advanced practitioner.

I release a movie, Lalla the Buddha , which is a tantric journey into Sexual Enlightenment.

As South Africans rise in bliss and live in unbounded freedom, Tantra awakens in every moment.

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Mother India calls .. A tantra journey

I wake up one morning, sometime after the birds, and hear India calling. Oh shit, I grumble. I can never refuse the mother and her calls are spot on, but not easy to digest. If Mother India calls the time has come for some surrender and surrender is something I am still getting the knack of. Anyhow, not knowing and mystery packed with a dose of curiosity and dread I head off to India.

I land in Dharamshala after 3 flights. Flying has lost its charms I sigh .. bus-stop airports with ever hopeful people trying to get a deal in duty free. The outrageous overflowing stench of perfumes nauseates me. The masses rush through electronics, champagne and perfume in a frenzy. I take cover in a VIP lounge drinking Italian water and taking very long showers.

On board to Dharamshala on a good ole propeller plane a something something 72. The safety check done .. the propeller was turned and someone looked into a box on the side of the plane with some very sincere interest. The passengers begin to visibly twitch as we board one by one hoping that we do not go down with Kingfisher as fast as the vast company seems to be plummeting out of Existence in India.

Kingfisher was my childhood school sports team and we always won. Flying on a plane with a huge picture of the blue bird suggests to me something of the journey ahead. I am hopeful. We land and Chopin fills the plane. Mountains looming all around the little airport.

Off to Osho Nisarga, a Osho centre founded by Ma Neelam after a big political split from Osho Pune. It seems there has been disagreement in the power inner circle of 21 chosen personally by Osho.They said he said  Pune, ” Osho wanted a place where many people could come for a brief time and have a sound beginning in meditation.” Ma Neelam, ” Osho wanted a place where people could come for a long time in very deep immersion.” Seems to me that both centres hold both visions simultaneously. It seems Osho wanted both and I wonder about the enraged power struggles over something so simple.

Osho Nisarga is a very tightly run meditation centre in the Kangra valley below Dharamshala and Mc Cleod Ganj. Osho centres are only second to the  United States in the number of rules you are not only expected to remember and sometimes even spontaneously know but also to follow. Coming out of the Apartheid Regime of South Africa and a survivor of Mormonism I am intensely rule phobic and immediately begin breaking the rules.

Thus begins some heated discussion with the mandir “temple” protector Ma Prem Kaveesha a quite lovely woman from Sweden who seems to not lose a beat in grace as she effortlessly flows into her love service, insisting the same from the participants and remaining in some deeper integrity with herself. I watch intrigued and listen as she explains the ease of remaining in the truth and self within rules and culture. Mm, it seems simpler now .

I see now that this is a method left behind by Osho that even in a tightly run regime freedom is not dependent upon any outer condition. Freedom that depends on external conditions is not freedom.Freedom exists in and of itself. You either know it and are it or you attempt to create it or access it in places where you can feel allowed. As this is tempered  you will again be fighting for freedom.

I see how I can now know freedom within external rules and cultural conditioning but I wonder if Kaveesha will find freedom without rules, timetables, plans ..

I have come to the Himalayan Osho centre to meet belly dance and Sufi chanting on board the body and love of Ma Prabhu Erasmia.

The Sufi chanting seems to be a powerful and very direct route to the heart while the belly dance wakes up the Hara. After a 5 day immersion I feel a deep magnetic energy between the Hara and heart forming a figure 8 and dancing between each other. I have never felt deeper into togetherness or Hara and aloneness and emptiness the Heart as I do in the final moments of the dance and chanting listening to Osho in white robe.

These two energies arise simultaneously .. togetherness and aloneness and neither are  directly influenced by external relating, but a deep meeting within which can be felt alone or with others.

I head off to Dharamkot and land up right on top of the mountain overlooking the mountains.

Dharamkot sits in the middle and little higher between McLeod Ganj and Bucxu. The Dali Lama’s home is in McLeod Ganj. There are shops of all kinds Tibetan tea pots and Kashmiri shawls, Tibetan slippers and Dakini statues in all their wrath and sculls and blood in one hand and a dagger in the other as the dakini dances enraged.

Every restaurant serves really really good pancakes. Bucsu cakes and Tibetan tea that that is made from wild saffron, wild rose and berries. Buddhist monks walk slowly up and down the hills and hairless nuns come smiling by. I feel myself wanting them to grow their hair. Ideas are firing about women and the feminine and dropping the denial that has been far too long and why to refuse this to meet god .. but perhaps she simply enjoys no hair and women who are drawn to this life share this desire for no hair. Maybe it is an act of complete simplicity. No energy to family, children, food or hair. All energy for the inner journey. Maybe it is not a denial but an utter embrace of what she truly desires. And she requires all of her inner energies for this journey home. Nothing can be spent on that which dies.

This place, this triangle of villages, forming a playground for big children. Everyone is friendly and wants to play. I catch a glimpse of a man with blue eyes that don’t stop smiling. We exchange some words about his chess game. He tells me he is winning with the same delighted eyes. I wonder away looking for something I don’t know what and then run into him around the corner. We start walking and talking and walking and then eating and then walking and many hours later we walk into his bedroom and make love.

Soft and lovey embrace, energies rippling through my body feeling an exquisite mix of soft and hardness as he enters me.And the curtain comes down as Shima and her new friend dance into love.

In the morning, he eats sourdough bread made by an old Chinese man, who he says, has been making this bread to the same presence for the last 30 years. I bite into this bread covered with Himalayan honey and bursts of sour cream fill my mouth. I have never tasted a bread quite like this. I munch and watch the sun come up over the valley wondering about my adventures for the day.

It seems the energies are calling me to return to Osho Nisargo to join the mediation camp of Ma Neelam. It feels like I am being dragged back. How to leave this new adventure of pancakes, singing lessons, making love, friends all over the mountain and clucking clicking griing goat herders to go back and watch my breath and Aum? Back I go.

It turns towards the sun as I find a deep relaxation on the rhythm and structure of the day. Now we sit absolutely still, then we dance until we fall down and then we Aum from the heart Awakening. We eat and have free time and then into our white robes dancing wildly and Osho whispers wisdom and understanding into our heart. Ma Neelam tells us the same story of darkness, aloneness and death as we lie together in the Mandir temple warm and snug and then off to bed all 40 children .. ah meditators go. Something of the little one within begins to let go and enjoy so much this rhythm that she has never known before.

Vipassana awakening a moment to moment awareness from within and Aum waking the heart. Love meets meditation in the child’s relaxation in the arms of the mother.

The journey ends in stepping through a lifetime of vacillation and into trust as I surrender into sanyass and a watch an ancient ritual of Darshan unfold as the sanyass catalyst awakens. It looks like a reborn christian gathering of celebration of overflowing energies except with an older Indian woman at the centre instead of a white Baptist southern man.

In the sanyass, mysteries open. I step into the celebration of Existing for this feels like nothing less than a celebration of one’s own existence the deepest prayer the ultimate step into loving one’s self.

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Tantra in South Africa .. Sexual Awakening for Women

Dancing Inside the Lotus

22 July 10am till 4pm

A Tantric Journey into Feminine Eros

We explore ..

Awakening Sexuality


Gathering Essence

Rocking the Sacrum

Dancing Energy

Embodied Bliss

The Taboo against the Feminine

“Let yourself be silently drawn
by the strange pull of what you really love
it will not lead you astray” Rumi

Facilitated by Dakini Shima of the Advait Tantra School www.openinglotus.com

22 July

10am till 4pm

Mountainview, Johannesburg


Please direct enquiries to shima@shima.co.za / 084 591 1211

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Tantric Reflections on the American Mind

2009 Sacred Sexual Healer’s Conference, Arizona

It has been an eternity since temples have lingered in our midst. Temples are the sacred vessels of the lineage of goddess and the ancient wisdom – tantra. This ground is the gathering place of women and men, who stand in the moment, free and wild.

This year, news of a temple in Sedona arrived at my door. There was to be a gathering of wisdom and love of the finest in the land. I would once again dance in the temple and in the love orgy of awareness.

I immediately called delta airlines and secured my booking. I also sent some spies ahead.  Tantra was used for trade and sold in the market place next to vending machines and stock shares. The juice of tantra was used to anchor ego rather than free them – “tantric sex master” a common phrase.

I hesitated but the urge of existence persisted ..

As a dakini, I inquire into mind and the possible flowering,as a painter is aware of the light. Florence has exquisite light, as does a little cottage in Tucson where Georgia o’ Keefe painted. Painters are to light as dakinis are to awareness.

I wondered, what are the ways of these tantrikas?. How do they assist others to move though resistance and conditioning?

The dakinis and dakas began to share their work.

The obvious and repeated interest was “boundary”. The prevalent mind poison that is fed to America is high threat. Someone wants to kill you and your family. “Be afraid and on guard!” This conditioning is deeply rooted.

Certainly this particular poison will be in the fore thought of a conferring of tantrikas. There is a twist .. They speak in favour of boundaries and how to bring boundaries into a tantra session. Transcendence no, incorporating belief into spiritual mind certainly. This is a common on the path.  One transfers the mind’s insistence. Nothing moves in awareness.

Tantra invites you to jump off the cliff into the abyss of mystery. There is no safety net.

The first thief becomes clear.  The drop in the ocean can and should have a boundary from the ocean, say the American Tantrikas.

The next thief of the moment is knowledge.

A dakini speaks on advaita , “all you have to do is transcend duality to oneness, its easy”.

Advaita is a spiritual method, that through the attempt to understand duality, one enters into the exploration of  your yes and your no to life. Consider the duality of innocence and guilt . When you feel guilt, enter the feeling as fully as you are able, and the same with innocence. These moments will span over many years. Slowly the awareness and understanding of  this energy that moves between the poles of guilt and innocence begins to dawn on the sincere seeker. The depth of these moments ever increasing as more of both polarities is allowed. The transcendence into oneness of these two poles can only be known in the final moment of total allowing. Much challenge and moments that open like a whore on New Year’s eve.

“It’s easy” comes from accumulation of knowledge without any application.

“The spring god knows not from where the spring blossoms come.” Knowledge and god are not synonymous, as we meet in the arrow-smith woman who says to Saraha, “until you arrive at my door empty, dropping all knowledge that you have collected before you enter, there is nothing I can teach you.”   Saraha comes, which led to the birth of Tantra in Tibet.

True understanding awakens in the emptiness of heart without any content.

The last thief .. teachings of love.

“There is no greater enemy of love than the teachings of love”, says Osho.

A woman bursts into tears in defense of her country. Americans are taught .. if you love your country you will support the war machine, if you love your country you will turn a blind eye to the loss of truth.  Stephen King says in The Green Mile, “they kill us with our love all the time.”

The Arab race holds the seed of true lovers. When the shadow is big, that which causes the shadow must also be big. Notice the Arabic history .. music like rich velvet, that drapes the body of women, as they swirl flesh at the feet of lovers, on the road to Mecca. Mecca, home of the yoni of goddess – the Kaaba – the void from which all comes and all returns.

Arab is to lover, as American is to heart.

The American heart is transparent. They want to save, but instead destroy.

The heart has been led astray. The heart is forgotten in favour of ideology of heart.

The teachings of love centre on relationship solving. How one must love. Love is madman who rides shooting stars to kiss the feet of his beloved. There is no how to. Relationship solving is a concrete path with trees planted in rows. It suggests inquiry into heart but only into where love is not.

In following the teachings of love, you miss love. Love remains unknown.

There is a business called tantra. Orgasms, better relationships, bliss and more all on sale. More is ego – empty and desperate.

Tantra is the discovery of the moment. More drops. This is enough.

Tantra is for those who pick up the scent of a rose and let love find the flowers that shower this scent. There the dakini sits .. there the dakini waits .. for the lovers that follow the scent of a rose.

And what do I love of the American tantrikas ..

A capacity, ingenuity and precision in body work that is unparalleled whether it be yoga practice or tumbling you into love using their body and ground. They are masters of technique and innovators of taking physical practice to new and beautiful planes.

The tantrikas are outrageously brave. They explore non ownership of the beloved with veracity and intent.

The depth of sincerity in their work and their invitation. Regardless of the fear,  they like new friends.

One meets an openness that clarifies why so many great minds and movements began here.

The beauty of the women, ravages the soul. The men have big willingness to meet the beloved women. This dance delights to the bottom of my toes.

The three thieves arrive first and then followed the possibilities of the tantrikas of this land.

The back breaking ground work is done. There is a great readiness for the next step up the mountain. If you were to come to the feet of a master, then you would fly in moments, conditioning and fear an old and rusty memory.

If you are a sexual healer and not a Tantrika then use boundaries, knowledge and teachings of love. A sexual healer works with people of the culture who who would like to fulfill their potential and heal old wounds.

A tantrika throws seekers off a cliff so that they may look Existence in the face and see themselves.

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Throwing Rocks

The dakini has a little house amongst the trees that most pass by without seeing. If some traveler happens to come upon her meditation hut , she will throw rocks, well aimed and intent on guiding away those who have no real interest.

For the one that arrives in search of truth, the unbound dakini, you will meet. And in this you come to know wild freedom.

The Sufis call this mystery the inner qalb or heart. The periphery of being engages in a wider sense. I venture out to share awareness and hear the stories of my fellow travelers and then I return to the hut as the darkness settles upon the earth.

Contrasts are true expression of the dakini. The dakini in the hut is the greater expression but now I remain in the inner qalb while venturing out into the distant peripheries of being.

Perhaps I will meet you there…


Shima Opening-Lotus

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Birth into Being

An invitation into living unashamedly alive and totally

Dive into presence
Align with dhamma
Fully show up in your life
Trust your flowering

The workshop will be facilitated  Dakini Shima.

The workshop dates and places:

Johannesburg 26th November 10:30 till 6

Cape Town 30th November 3pm till 10pm

“We come spinning out of nothingness, scattering stars, the stars form a circle and in the centre we dance.

RSVP shima@shima.co.za or 0845911211

Dakini Shima

Dakini Shima is a wisdom dakini of the Shiva tantric lineage that originated in India 5000 years ago.

Her tantra school is devoted to the awakening of seekers to their true nature and spontaneous and authentic response to each moment.

breath energy ecstasy

Wisdom Dakini Shima will be offering a day of breath and tantra.

Friday 21st October

3pm till 10pm

Woodlands, Muldersdrift

Breath connects us. Conscious breathing brings presence and openness in each moment. In the allowing, sexual energy flows and awakens in innocence.

When breath and sexual energy are allowed, feelings of separation melt and a real meeting with yourself and others spontaneously arises.

Join us for this amazing taste of breath, energy and ecstasy!

Please reserve your place with Dakini Shima on 0845911211 or shima@shima.co.za

Skydancing under the Dark Moon

This workshop assists women to open more deeply to bliss and the flow of kundalini energy.

Skydancing is an ancient tantric practice which clears energy channels allowing the inner flow of feminine energy to expand into bliss.

The practice reveals the unconscious bounds and refused energy and opens the way towards embracing all aspects of self in light and darkness.

Women can practice skydancing alone or with a partner.

No nudity is required.

This practice is an energy transmission of the dakini or Skydancer.

Dakini Shima facilitates this workshop.

Please confirm your booking as spaces are limited to 12 participants. Dakini Shima 084 591 1211 / shima@shima.co.za

August 27th

Cape Town

6pm t0 9:30pm



Tantra School Open Day

Sharing the path and practice of the tantra teacher followed by a tantric meditation.

For those interested in becoming tantra teachers or wish to bring tantra into their existing healing / teaching practice.

August 6th

Fellside, Johannesburg

4 pm to 6:30 pm

Dakini Shima 0845911211 / shima@shima.co.za

Contribution, by heart


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What happens in a Tantra Session

I am often asked this question and wonder how to share the mystery of a tantra session.

People arrive at the door for a number of reasons ..

All things sexual

Sexual healing .. Sexual mastery .. Sexual confusion .. Sexual fulfillment (wanting a sexual service).

The relationship dance

Drama ..confusion .. challenges .. ultimately resolving the age old masculine – feminine conflict.


Reclaiming the true feminine

Accessing the goddess and calling the return of the feminine that has been denied for the longest time ever.

Reclaiming the true masculine

Meeting and living from the true masculine and dropping the distortion -replacement of patriarchy.

And the lineages of Heteara, who guides career and power dynamics, and the Muse who inspires creative passion.

My first love is awareness. I did not always know this. I was interested in money and survival, how to have orgasms and experience bliss and pleasure in my life, how to attract a beautiful man and be in a sweet togetherness, how to get on with others and also be true to myself and always very interested in the mystery of that which is not seen or easily tangible ..existence god soul.These were some of my interests along the way as it is for most human beings.

But what I have come to know is that all of these interests were ultimately teachers and guides of awareness.

So what is awareness? Before I knew awareness in the same way as a lover comes to know her beloved, I believed awareness was about knowledge. If one learnt enough about things and life and people then you would know how or what to do in any given moment or experience, but it is not this at all.

Awareness is a tangible presence; pulsing, alive and fully available in the moment beyond thought or any knowledge.. the delightful, delicious, spontaneous participation moment to moment sans mind.

This is what I teach or share…

This is not to say that a tantra session may not look like an intense exploration of one’s sexual healing and or mastery , relationship dynamics and the exploration of the truth of reality but in this exploration there is always and foremost the subtle calling and befriending of awareness.

One finds that yes tantrikas are deeply and sincerely interested in sexuality and tantric sex is beyond all imagination. I would never have known such sex was possible without experiencing it for myself.

But this interest is the carrot of Existence that brings you to awareness and when you taste this awareness then the interest shifts. From super amazing sex to awareness, from delightful relationships to awareness. If awareness is first all that we seek, desire and long for follows. Perhaps not as we THOUGHT it but as it it sweetly is..

If I can assist in calling awareness into your being than you can meet any moment in totality and truth sans the reactive and conditioned state that you currently know as yourself.

Whatever happens in a tantra session the intent is to befriend awareness.

The tantric way is the path of the lover. The dakini guides you into falling in love with your self, your fellow travelers and finally the moment and then awareness is met in the core of your being as your constant lover companion where all else follows.

I offer tantra sessions in Johannesburg to women, men and couples. A session is approximately 2 hours long and much happens in a session. You will be very surprised at what you walk away with. If you remember the scene from Matrix where Neo is hooked up to the computer and information is being downloaded. He looks up and says ” I know Kung Fu”. Tantra sessions can have a similar feeling.

If you are interested in a session please email me shima@shima.co.za.

I will be offering a tantra practitioner training later this year. If you feel you have the calling for this work or are already in a similar field and would like to bring the tantric understanding into your work please let me know.

Shima opening Lotus

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