Kali and the Art of Destruction

Kali is out. How she wishes to shear the mind clear off the shoulders. But she knows that you cannot forgive for such a lean and quick death. You  wish to cling longer and longer, until finally stupidity ends and one rests in silence.

On the bridge between stupidity and silence walks suffering. And as much as humans claim to wish to rid themselves of suffering, they run towards it and cling with all of their might. This energy, the power that opens the flower, is spent on this clinging – fighting, as one’s life returns to dust, without knowing itself.

In between humans, walks humans who begin to see that they do not see. A deep urgency, a longing that cannot be denied climbs out of this suffering and cries aloud in the dark night, an unframed anguish forming questions, which transform into questings and finally become the true adventure of life.

In this moment, when you turn towards truth without compromise, though you may not clearly see the step you have taken, it is possible Kali arrives in awareness.

She appears as death and the destroyer in dark beauty. The trouble begins as you cannot see that which she destroys, you see only Death. And you have been taught that death is ugly and the supreme enemy of life.

You will fight the Beloved Kali, but she is clear, and very strong and even more brave. And once she has chosen your corner, she will fight for you Beloved and any gap you give her she will shear clear that which binds the soul and spirit from the dance of joy.

Be brave, you have nothing to lose but your mind. Stand still, so that her aim may be straight and clear.

As you bow to the feet of the goddess you will rise the master of Self.




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One Response to Kali and the Art of Destruction

  1. Jagor says:

    In the depth of night
    she came.
    In a room with no light
    She shone.

    Dressed in black and deep purple
    A dagger sheathed at her side

    Why have you come?
    I asked.
    Did you not call, do you not desire?
    She probed.

    What is your name?
    You know, have known, and will always know

    I fear you.
    You fear only the truth you’ve not allowed yourself to admit.

    Who sent you?

    Did you not call, do you not desire?
    You sent for me.

    Are you to kill me? Am I to die?
    In death there is birth and life.

    What is your purpose?
    To reveal truth, to make you feel again.
    It is your desire.



    Her dagger flashed.
    She cut deep and I bled.
    I screamed and cried.

    She continued to slice.
    Layer upon layer was shed
    And died.

    What I’d known to be me

    A tiny glow was found
    among my shards

    What is that?
    She is truth revealed.
    You and she are one.

    The killing goddess
    Was now a lover.

    Our eyes met
    Our lips touched
    Hearts beat in rhythm

    And souls flew together.
    Our power exchanged

    My knife was sheathed
    Love completed
    Life was reborn.

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