Love, a journey into Freedom

For a long time I believed I was living in polyamory until I was shown the difference between polyamory and non monogamy.

They look very similar in some ways but are fundamentally  different.

Polyamory means someone who erotically loves and is


sexually intimate with many people. It means many loves.

People living in this way place their central interest in many lovers and actively seek out more lovers and much of their energy and time is devoted to these relationships and to making love.

What is interesting about poly-amorous relationships and what most people do not know  is that they usually have a far greater amount of rules , boundaries and conditions than monogamy.

The rule of monogamy is simple .. you will love only me.

Whereas polyamory is quite complex. Yes you will love me and you can love others under these conditions .. see parts 1 2 3 4 5  with sub sections a b c d e etc. A nice example of this is Kamala’s Devi’s relationship agreements

It may seem at a glance tedious and over thought and over done but when one has lived in this new paradigm for some time it can become abundantly clear why these rules can be very helpful.

But that is not what I was doing ..

And I am not sure if there is a name for it.

Non-monogamy simply means not one love which in tantra becomes a method like when you change your name you eventually find that you are no names and any name though you may have a preference for how you like people to get your attention. My preference is Shima.

As you dance inside the method of not one love you may eventually find that everyone is love and there is only one love but not the dream soul mate,  but all beings are one love.

But, what I am doing is living in the insistence of truth and the spontaneous moment to moment – no rules – no boundaries – no conditions. It is not focused on many lovers, for example, I may not tell you when I will be returning home nor what I have been doing, even if it was a simple walk in the park.

It was about coming home to my  sovereign dhamma nature of being. And yes, it blew  the head off all my ideas of love, friendship,  erotic partnership and I entered into a space of deep and profound seeing and understanding and at other times profound agony, trauma and into a nightmare of sorts that I was unable to awake from.

What do you call that?

Some may say stupidity or why would you do that to yourself?

The answer is simple and not so simple.

Why bother? Because, sometimes it takes a bit of doing to untangle yourself from the crap you were given from the moment you were born.

Why so harsh and full on, without any rules? Well, basically the idea of rules never entered my mind. I wished to break from the authority of the parent,the priest, the government the husband and having little rules simply did not feel total in my being. I was about all or nothing and once one goes down the slippery slope of rules where does this end?

I began to see that the contemporary romantic relationship, whether it be marriage or living together, is a mini version of having parents. People seldom go out to the shops without informing their partner and often give more informaton and ask for more permission than they did as teenagers from their parents.

I started to see relationship structure as a form of deep immaturity and the need for safety and boundares as the continued unconscious relationship of the child seeking out the perfect mother and father.

I wanted to know love that was beyond being told what to do or essentially who and how to be or asking permission or checking in or feeling safe. I am no longer 5 and if I am to know love for what it is I must leave behind the ideals of the child and parent and meet love as she is in the raw moment now.

I have grown now and love grows too if we have the courage to allow it and if we do not love vanishes.
I remember a scene from the brilliant Chinese movie Hero where the assassin is telling the story to the King of what brings him here. He tells different versions of he same story. In the one version he speaks of a conflict that arises between the great warrior lovers Flying Snow and Broken Sword as a consequence of a lover, Moon that Broken Sword takes.

And the King instantly dismisses this version as fabrication as it is too unimaginable that great warriors with total awareness would live in such an immature manner and move to conflict over a lover.

But our teachings of love are upside down. We are taught that if you truly love someone you own each other. You own the love that runs through each others bodies and this love must be controlled and not shared with another.

You own the rights to the love energy that flows through the being.

So I needed to find out what the fuck was going on and so I stepped into the mind field of love and found I was snared inside a nightmare. But understand, the way I chose to live in love did not create the nightmare but revealed the nightmare. A nightmare, which became very apparent that this is where most people live and suffer day by day.

This nightmare is what I have come to see as the basis of misery on our planet.

There is an energy moving through called LOVE. This energy is sovereign and follows its own divine and exquisite intelligence beyond the small understanding of the personal. And we are not allowed to follow it. We are not allowed to love what love loves.

We are not allowed to love.

This is the agony and you will only ever fully understand what I speak of when you too have taken the journey through the agony-nightmare and home to love.

And the nightmare was not that my Beloved loved others but that I could not find the doorway out of the mind dream which said over and over that this is not love and I am not loved.

That is the doorway I sought and that you will seek  and perhaps you will also discover that the act of loving someone .. god making love to god is a moment in time without intrinsic or real pain or trauma to anyone but your thoughts about it can be a nightmare that you can live in for years and many people do.

And know, in the time of Patriarchy and ownership it has been mans’ greatest quest to seek foreign lands, conquer them and kill or enslave the inhabitants of this land.

And so it has been with our Heart. Lovers conquer the heart of the other, plant their flags in our dark lands of the soul waters, claim our heart as their own and kill or enslave the Being that lives within.

Love flees and the Beloved flees and we are left impoverished and alone seeking that which was ours within from the one who vanquished and claimed our hearts as theirs.

And I notice how I gave this heart so freely , feeling this is the way to love, you may have my heart- my one true treasure – my connection to all – love – joy – self. This is what I believed love was.

And so came the seeing, as the man that I had loved in almost freedom for 5 long years left and withdrew his claim and his flag from my heart land, that my heart belongs to nobody – no man – no woman – not even me – but only to Love and the Beloved.

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8 Responses to Love, a journey into Freedom

  1. moon water(anel van niekerk) says:

    love the pic!

  2. Anton says:

    I sooo resonate with your stunning expression of feelings and thoughts here. I have been going through so much of the turmoil what you are penning here, that I felt a sense of belonging. Thank you for sharing so beautifully.

  3. Heartfelt commendations on your insights. The polarity of heaven-hell in the entanglements of love and its pursuits are the most intense that the human emotions and spirit can experience. In the simple gender-polarity of male and female, nature has encrypted polarities that are foundational in the primal synthesis of the universe itself. All that has evolved from this still has this secret at the very centre of all its complexity. So it is in human affairs, where we completely over-complicate things, steered by tradition, belief-systems, dogma, ritual, and the literalised symbolic.

    Getting back to simplicity is not just a philosophical-behavioural option, it should be a conscious goal (blended caringly with the present culture we live in) as holding within itself both origin and destination – the completion of a path towards enlightenment and the perfect motive underlying nature’s existence.

  4. Shawn Roop says:

    Well said, and states the very place I live from as well. Poly, to me, has become a safety net in exploring the freedom of love. Yet, the safety is based in rules, structure and agreements, thus causing one’s unique freedom to be the cost. I love your clear way of sharing the depth of the statement: sovereign dhamma nature of being. Yes, Yes Yes! May graceful, fluid movement come from our soul, melting the need to create control and attachment that birth from the mind. I feel we are wise, total beings. I for one, am letting go into the deep surrender of this life. Love is more easy than I have ever made it in the past, and loving me this way has created wonderful opportunities to co-create love with other humans. The sweet adventure is unfold in each breath. I am grateful for you words, wisdom and love. Thank you!

    • shima says:

      Dear Shawn

      It is lovely to hear from you and you appear into my heart sometimes though it has been many years since we met. I wish you so much love and blessings and do hope we meet again in the flesh.


  5. Dana Nollsch says:

    Thank you for sharing.. This has touched me on so many levels

  6. Zen says:


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