Birth into Being

An invitation into living unashamedly alive and totally

Dive into presence
Align with dhamma
Fully show up in your life
Trust your flowering

The workshop will be facilitated  Dakini Shima.

The workshop dates and places:

Johannesburg 26th November 10:30 till 6

Cape Town 30th November 3pm till 10pm

“We come spinning out of nothingness, scattering stars, the stars form a circle and in the centre we dance.

RSVP or 0845911211

Dakini Shima

Dakini Shima is a wisdom dakini of the Shiva tantric lineage that originated in India 5000 years ago.

Her tantra school is devoted to the awakening of seekers to their true nature and spontaneous and authentic response to each moment.

breath energy ecstasy

Wisdom Dakini Shima will be offering a day of breath and tantra.

Friday 21st October

3pm till 10pm

Woodlands, Muldersdrift

Breath connects us. Conscious breathing brings presence and openness in each moment. In the allowing, sexual energy flows and awakens in innocence.

When breath and sexual energy are allowed, feelings of separation melt and a real meeting with yourself and others spontaneously arises.

Join us for this amazing taste of breath, energy and ecstasy!

Please reserve your place with Dakini Shima on 0845911211 or

Skydancing under the Dark Moon

This workshop assists women to open more deeply to bliss and the flow of kundalini energy.

Skydancing is an ancient tantric practice which clears energy channels allowing the inner flow of feminine energy to expand into bliss.

The practice reveals the unconscious bounds and refused energy and opens the way towards embracing all aspects of self in light and darkness.

Women can practice skydancing alone or with a partner.

No nudity is required.

This practice is an energy transmission of the dakini or Skydancer.

Dakini Shima facilitates this workshop.

Please confirm your booking as spaces are limited to 12 participants. Dakini Shima 084 591 1211 /

August 27th

Cape Town

6pm t0 9:30pm



Tantra School Open Day

Sharing the path and practice of the tantra teacher followed by a tantric meditation.

For those interested in becoming tantra teachers or wish to bring tantra into their existing healing / teaching practice.

August 6th

Fellside, Johannesburg

4 pm to 6:30 pm

Dakini Shima 0845911211 /

Contribution, by heart


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