Tantric Reflections on the American Mind

2009 Sacred Sexual Healer’s Conference, Arizona

It has been an eternity since temples have lingered in our midst. Temples are the sacred vessels of the lineage of goddess and the ancient wisdom – tantra. This ground is the gathering place of women and men, who stand in the moment, free and wild.

This year, news of a temple in Sedona arrived at my door. There was to be a gathering of wisdom and love of the finest in the land. I would once again dance in the temple and in the love orgy of awareness.

I immediately called delta airlines and secured my booking. I also sent some spies ahead.  Tantra was used for trade and sold in the market place next to vending machines and stock shares. The juice of tantra was used to anchor ego rather than free them – “tantric sex master” a common phrase.

I hesitated but the urge of existence persisted ..

As a dakini, I inquire into mind and the possible flowering,as a painter is aware of the light. Florence has exquisite light, as does a little cottage in Tucson where Georgia o’ Keefe painted. Painters are to light as dakinis are to awareness.

I wondered, what are the ways of these tantrikas?. How do they assist others to move though resistance and conditioning?

The dakinis and dakas began to share their work.

The obvious and repeated interest was “boundary”. The prevalent mind poison that is fed to America is high threat. Someone wants to kill you and your family. “Be afraid and on guard!” This conditioning is deeply rooted.

Certainly this particular poison will be in the fore thought of a conferring of tantrikas. There is a twist .. They speak in favour of boundaries and how to bring boundaries into a tantra session. Transcendence no, incorporating belief into spiritual mind certainly. This is a common on the path.  One transfers the mind’s insistence. Nothing moves in awareness.

Tantra invites you to jump off the cliff into the abyss of mystery. There is no safety net.

The first thief becomes clear.  The drop in the ocean can and should have a boundary from the ocean, say the American Tantrikas.

The next thief of the moment is knowledge.

A dakini speaks on advaita , “all you have to do is transcend duality to oneness, its easy”.

Advaita is a spiritual method, that through the attempt to understand duality, one enters into the exploration of  your yes and your no to life. Consider the duality of innocence and guilt . When you feel guilt, enter the feeling as fully as you are able, and the same with innocence. These moments will span over many years. Slowly the awareness and understanding of  this energy that moves between the poles of guilt and innocence begins to dawn on the sincere seeker. The depth of these moments ever increasing as more of both polarities is allowed. The transcendence into oneness of these two poles can only be known in the final moment of total allowing. Much challenge and moments that open like a whore on New Year’s eve.

“It’s easy” comes from accumulation of knowledge without any application.

“The spring god knows not from where the spring blossoms come.” Knowledge and god are not synonymous, as we meet in the arrow-smith woman who says to Saraha, “until you arrive at my door empty, dropping all knowledge that you have collected before you enter, there is nothing I can teach you.”   Saraha comes, which led to the birth of Tantra in Tibet.

True understanding awakens in the emptiness of heart without any content.

The last thief .. teachings of love.

“There is no greater enemy of love than the teachings of love”, says Osho.

A woman bursts into tears in defense of her country. Americans are taught .. if you love your country you will support the war machine, if you love your country you will turn a blind eye to the loss of truth.  Stephen King says in The Green Mile, “they kill us with our love all the time.”

The Arab race holds the seed of true lovers. When the shadow is big, that which causes the shadow must also be big. Notice the Arabic history .. music like rich velvet, that drapes the body of women, as they swirl flesh at the feet of lovers, on the road to Mecca. Mecca, home of the yoni of goddess – the Kaaba – the void from which all comes and all returns.

Arab is to lover, as American is to heart.

The American heart is transparent. They want to save, but instead destroy.

The heart has been led astray. The heart is forgotten in favour of ideology of heart.

The teachings of love centre on relationship solving. How one must love. Love is madman who rides shooting stars to kiss the feet of his beloved. There is no how to. Relationship solving is a concrete path with trees planted in rows. It suggests inquiry into heart but only into where love is not.

In following the teachings of love, you miss love. Love remains unknown.

There is a business called tantra. Orgasms, better relationships, bliss and more all on sale. More is ego – empty and desperate.

Tantra is the discovery of the moment. More drops. This is enough.

Tantra is for those who pick up the scent of a rose and let love find the flowers that shower this scent. There the dakini sits .. there the dakini waits .. for the lovers that follow the scent of a rose.

And what do I love of the American tantrikas ..

A capacity, ingenuity and precision in body work that is unparalleled whether it be yoga practice or tumbling you into love using their body and ground. They are masters of technique and innovators of taking physical practice to new and beautiful planes.

The tantrikas are outrageously brave. They explore non ownership of the beloved with veracity and intent.

The depth of sincerity in their work and their invitation. Regardless of the fear,  they like new friends.

One meets an openness that clarifies why so many great minds and movements began here.

The beauty of the women, ravages the soul. The men have big willingness to meet the beloved women. This dance delights to the bottom of my toes.

The three thieves arrive first and then followed the possibilities of the tantrikas of this land.

The back breaking ground work is done. There is a great readiness for the next step up the mountain. If you were to come to the feet of a master, then you would fly in moments, conditioning and fear an old and rusty memory.

If you are a sexual healer and not a Tantrika then use boundaries, knowledge and teachings of love. A sexual healer works with people of the culture who who would like to fulfill their potential and heal old wounds.

A tantrika throws seekers off a cliff so that they may look Existence in the face and see themselves.

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