Throwing Rocks

The dakini has a little house amongst the trees that most pass by without seeing. If some traveler happens to come upon her meditation hut , she will throw rocks, well aimed and intent on guiding away those who have no real interest.

For the one that arrives in search of truth, the unbound dakini, you will meet. And in this you come to know wild freedom.

The Sufis call this mystery the inner qalb or heart. The periphery of being engages in a wider sense. I venture out to share awareness and hear the stories of my fellow travelers and then I return to the hut as the darkness settles upon the earth.

Contrasts are true expression of the dakini. The dakini in the hut is the greater expression but now I remain in the inner qalb while venturing out into the distant peripheries of being.

Perhaps I will meet you there…


Shima Opening-Lotus

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