Wild Spirit Dancing

The more you move your body, the more intelligences rises .. Einstein

I invite you to dance .. not just any dance .. a dance which invites Spirit to dance you.

Stop controlling the Body

To know bliss .. Let go .. to rise and fall in sacred lovemaking .. Let go
to enter the mystery

This entire universe is energy .. all of it.
And this energy was never born and shall never die.
And that is what you are.

This intelligence cannot be counted and the time is now
to enter the

Into the body through movement breath dance and then …. none of this and see what ARISES

We are on an adventure together
inside an endless pilgrimage

Let go of the small personal will and controlling self and surrender into the living primordial energy that is our very being.

This is a step into that no-direction


Not knowing is the most intimate .. Zen Master

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